Monthly archives: July, 2017

Happy 200 Hours Axel

Axel completes his first 200 hours of operation.

Happy 7th Anniversary Stonewalls

This time seven years ago, we were moving into Stonewalls. How innocent we were – do a bit of work on the house and then the weekend country retreat will be finished. How things have changed. July 2010 July 2017 July 24th 2010 and and Today. I went to work on the day after we moved in. Sandi had a day off and decided that she would start work on the kitchen. The image…

We have swallows.

A pair of Swallows have been building this nest since Early June. We came back from holiday to find it in an almost completed state. The couple produced three offspring which fledged the nest today. Bon Voyage on your long trip to Africa.

More cementing.

The weather has been crap recently, so today has been the first opportunity to  continue the pointing. The old cement around the doorway on the left is fairly vertical and flat as well as being well adhered, so we decided to blend the pointing into it. The other side is all over the place and all the rock at the bottom edge is nothing more than rubble. The two pit props should hold the…

Laying the office stoop.

The slab of granite has been sitting by the door to the office for months. Now we have finally received the drop link stabiliser bolt, we have  been able to get the back hoe back on Axel. Getting ready to start digging a shallow hole for the slap to sit in. Looking into the hole like all good workmen do! Pushing the slab into the hole and backfilling. Another little job completed.

Stuff is blooming

The flowerbed by the gate is going great guns now. The Corncockle is out and the Calendula is still flowering.