Monthly archives: February, 2018

The Beast from the East

The Beast from the East was forecast to hit by lunchtime on Wednesday and on cue, it did. Here it comes….. The forecast was for temperatures to fall to -1C, but we had -5.5C by late evening and the lowest recorded was -10C….Brrrrr. I did venture out and have never experienced high winds coupled with such low temperatures at the same time.

The MkII Bird Feeder.

Mk1 Bird Feeder With the Deluxe MKI bird feeder destroyed during a storm, we decided on one last attempt and resurrecting the ultimate and bomb proof bird feeder,  using as many of the original components as possible. First we had to dismantle the MkI. That wasn’t too difficult as it fell apart as the slightest knock. With everything broken down we could then decided how large the new structure could be once we had…